PS-005 Barcode Scanner POS
PS-005 Barcode Scanner POS
PS-005 POS System Barcode Scanner

PS-005 Scanner | Omnidirectional POS Barcode Scanner

  1. Laser barcode reader designed by a professional manufacturer.
  2. Barcode scanner with a scanning speed of 300times/sec.
  3. The best barcode scanner for hands-free operation.
  4. Built with the best quality material for longer shelf life.
  5. This unit can be used for many applications (i.e., retail chains, distribution, etc.)


PS-005 POS System Scanner Professional Barcode Scanner

PS-005 POS System Scanner Specifications

PS-005 Scanner Specifications

PS-005 scanner is considered the best omnidirectional POS barcode scanner due to its built quality. Omnidirectional scanners are similar to laser barcode scanners with additional mirrors to convert one laser into many at different angles. This type of scanners has wider scanning areas and its hands free operation provides a faster scanning rate. This barcode scanner unit has an auto-scanning method and scanning speed of 300 times/sec. Additionally, this barcode scanner has the best promoting method since it has a buzzer and an indicator light.


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