Best POS System For Stores China
Best POS System For Stores China
Modern PE-033 POS System China
Modern POS PE033 Windows System
New Style PE033 Windows System

PE033 Windows | VFD Panel Retail POS System

  1. Premium POS system designed for hospitality and retail
  2. Combined high technology and sleek design
  3. Retail POS with maximum reliability 
  4. Industry-leading durability and serviceability
  5. Vivid LED screen for the best view
  6. High-performance CPU loaded
  7. Vivid high-definition screen using


New PE033 Windows System Specifications

A POS Solution Leader, our Retail POS system with 15 inches LED screen, cash drawer, thermal printer, barcode scanner, card reader, and a VFD panel (a whole set) is here to simplify the task of keeping your sales records in order. The Retail POS system is loaded with Intel Celeron J1800/J1900/i3/i5/17 2.4GHz respectively and has SSD32G/64G/128G hard drive. Tending to the requirements of retail businesses such as supermarkets, grocery shops, pharmacies, stores, hotels, and such, this all-in-one system comes with a 24-month warranty and can be replaced without dispute.


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