P630 Windows | All in One POS Terminal Machine
P630 Windows | All in One POS Terminal Machine
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P630 All in One Windows POS Terminal Machine

  1. The windows POS comes up with a Modular design.
  2. Easy to install POS peripherals like the card reader and i-button by users.
  3. Classical 15” main display, 1024*768 resolution, 4:3, capacitive 10 points touch screen.
  4. Up to 8 USB ports and 2 COM ports, which allows more peripherals to be connected.
  5. Supports LED or VFD customer display.


All-in-one touch windows POS with 15 inches of the main display, loaded with high-performance CP and capacitive touch screen. This awesome windows POS has a modular design with peripherals up to 8 USB ports and 2 COM ports, just like the card reader which makes it easier to operate and install. The P630 Windows POS also supports LED or VFD customer displays. This All-in-One POS Terminal guarantees a hundred percent customer satisfaction and comes with a two-year warranty.

Product Description: Windows POS machines are designed for sale in a way that they can easily be integrated with most retail businesses including grocery stores, retailers, and drugstores. They are compatible with almost all retailing software as POS Software.


1. Easy to install and operate

2. Can be used with most retailing software

3. Can be operated by anyone

4. Can be used for both cashier and self-service

5. Can be used for multiple locations

6. Can be used for different types of products

7. Can be used for various payment methods

8. Can be used for online sales

9. Can be used for mobile payments


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