405A-4B4C POS Cash Drawer
405A-4B4C POS Cash Drawer
405A-4B4C (1)
POS System Counters Drawer
405A-4B4C (6)

405A-4B4C | POS Cash Register Drawer

  1. This POS cash drawer has a special combination lock and stainless steel handle.
  2. Bills, coins, and checks can all be stored in the various euro compartment trays.
  3. Using high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with powder coating to resist rust.
  4. The cash drawer has a customized money save box.
  5. This POS cash drawer has a retractable cash tray.
  6. Cash drawer with durable steel construction.
  7. Additional storage under the cash tray.
  8. Convenient to carry around and use.


POS 405A-4B4C Cash Register Specifications

Poseazy sells a POS cash register cash drawer which not only has a durable mental clip with an RJ11 interface but is also available at a fairly low price. This unit is made to store high-value cash securely and conveniently. It can be your go-to cash drawer if you’re looking for a dependable, durable, and economical POS accessory. Bills, coins, checks – store whatever and whenever in the high-quality 405A-4B4C POS Cash Register Cash Drawer. The item also consists of color options. 


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