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The pandemic has negatively impacted businesses across the world. There was a ripple effect across the supply chains during the initial month as no one was prepared for this to happen. All of a sudden, consumers stopped spending, and retailers went into a position where they had to halt the purchase orders with their vendors, and finally, the vendors also stopped supplying. There was an endless vicious circle! In addition to this, the impact of a pandemic on the workforce across the supply chain in different industries started resulting in a lot of inconsistencies.

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But slowly, things are coming back on track with improving times. Businesses have also started gaining momentum, and there seem to be bright times ahead. Today, we will share with you the effectiveness of the purchase orders processes and how they can be helpful for retailers.

Purchase orders for the retailers

Retailers can work out strategies in several ways to overcome the challenges they face.

  • Be strategic about inventory allocation.
    Retailers have to make choices in order to balance out the inventory and the ongoing demands of the customers. To beat the challenges, one should approach by allocating funds towards marketing the merchandise and goods you have as it helps lessen the impact of the unreliable inventory.
  • Have a strategy with respect to the purchase orders
    POs are the standard documents used in the retail industry. When buyers place orders with sellers, they do so through the POs. In the PO, they state the quantity and prices of the desired items. The external suppliers make use of the purchase order system to track the requested fulfillment of an order and inform the invoicing for goods and services. You must take into account the holistic view of the purchase orders procedure and identify the reliable inventory at different times. It can help mitigate the losses if any arise.
  • Purchase orders can be instrumental tools that help in the inventory management strategy during challenging times and supply chain issues.

    They can also help you in tracking the inventory for both buyers and sellers. With large fluctuations in supply chain demand across the retail industry, purchase orders help track the inventory and planning processes in the future.
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How can businesses use the purchase order for the management of inventory?

For businesses dealing with wholesale purchases, the order received becomes a record of an expected order to make tracks against the inventory. At the same time, a wholesaler can immediately remove the order from the inventory so that it cannot be ordered by another buyer if it cannot be fulfilled.

For all retailers, it is very important to avoid discrepancies between what the customers can order and what is presently available in the retailer’s inventory.

Purchase Orders POs can also serve as a legal document between the DTC retailers and suppliers. It is important to keep the documentation of all orders in place, fulfillments, and specific invoices related to it. Purchase order and inventory managed systems, when done through a centralized tool, can help keep track of all the essential elements.

POs provide retailers with a holistic view of the POs and open invoices for the customers.

They are a key component in stock management. When tracking what you are re-ordering or are having a tough time refilling, it can help you with the projected sales and can also be an instrumental tool for the growth of your business.

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How does Purchase Order Works?

Typically, a PO is a written sales contract that occurs between a buyer and a seller which details the exact merchandise or services to be rendered. It will specify the payment terms, quantities, identification details, delivery details, shipping terms, quantities. If you use accounting software when you order products from the vendor, it will create a purchase order for you automatically. Within your accounting system, it will create a trackable document that can be beneficial for running your business in several ways.

How can it be helpful in the Inventory system?

  • PO will tell your inventory system what you presently have on order. Using this, it already knows not to order more because there are some orders.
  • It helps establish specific purchases made with the vendor. Apart from detailing the quantities placed, it also tells about the mode of payment. There are many vendors who set the default system for billing or freight. But when you need the order faster, it communicates automatically.
  • It is highly accountable for all the parties involved.

When the merchandise arrives from the vendor, then you can easily check for it against the PO and ensure you have received the correct shipment.

  • It also allows all of your employees to be involved. This means if one of your employees can place an order, the other one can receive it.
  • One of the other unique benefits is creditworthiness because the banks can look at your POs to determine if you are solvent.
  • Helps manage backorder efficiently. If any specific team member is managing the supply chain, then any of your team members can easily track the existing processes.
  • You have simplified bar code labeling. If your products don’t come with a bar code on them, then adding labels all by yourself can be daunting. If you have a PO system, you can easily print the right number of labels and apply them as you check-in products to your system.
  • By entering PO into your system, you are able to keep track of the exact amount you owe for the products that you are ordering. Knowing the amount is critical for inventory and helps in cash flow management.
  • Learn about the actual profits anytime. To stay at the top of business, you need to know the exact profit and losses your business is making. This automated procedure saves a lot of your time.
  • With PO systems in place, you can track all the valuable and invaluable information. It can help you with the informed decision that you require to make for the future. Further, it also assists in speeding up the tasks at hand.
  • Creating the POs and entering them into your centralized system enables the entire team to share the responsibility for the inventory as well as sales. The more the people are working together, the better for you as well as your business.
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Why should retailers involve themselves in Supply Chain Management?

By being able to manage the supply chain, the retailers can cut down on the excess cost. They can easily deliver the products to their customers faster and can manage internal inventories effectively. Some of the best practices that the retailer must implement with the supply chain are:

Make sure the supply chain has enough staffing support

One of the important things that can be done to ensure supply chain operation is to train appropriate staff members in all aspects of the supply chain. You can train the employees that need to train about how everything fits into the process. When your employees are well informed, they will turn out to be more productive and useful.

Technology implementation

Structure your business and processes around new technology instead of putting it the other way around. You will be able to produce more accurate data and accessible resources to make better-informed decisions.


Successful supply chains are proficient in technology, internal collaboration, external collaboration, and external management with the suppliers. The key is to get more suppliers in the decision-making process. With collaboration, you are setting up streamlined operations, enhanced responsiveness, and reduced costs.

Optimize the inventory

Consistently review the internal processes and inventory to make sure you are effectively balancing business needs. If it is possible for you, then you work out with your suppliers to take care of demand planning and forecasting.

Regularly review the processes.

Retailers as a practice must regularly review the supply chain processes with the teams. They must also take into account various reviews, policies, procedures, etc. It will help avoid the bottlenecks in the processes if there are any and can help streamline the process.

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